Parasol Puppets
George and the Dragon

The hand-puppet adventure, GEORGE AND THE DRAGON, is performed in a walking or bag stage. While the action is taking place on the puppet stage, puppeteer Peter Allen’s legs and feet are visible as the entire stage walks and moves around the performance area. Fast-paced action and lots of audience participation keep this lively show moving right along.
Our hero, George, discovers that a dragon is destroying the Kingdom, and it wants to eat the Princess for dinner! It is up to George (with the audience’s help) to rescue the Princess and slay the Dragon. George’s quest takes him to the farmlands, the King’s palace, into the Wizard’s cave and even outside the Dragon’s lair. All of these locations are hand-painted onto scenery, which dramatically unrolls as the story unfolds.
This popular show has delighted audiences at outdoor fairs, theaters, puppet festivals, schools and libraries in Hawaii, Washington, Pennsylvania, Arizona, California, Kansas, Iowa and Missouri. Reviewers enjoyed the “...beautifully constructed puppets...spectacular voices and music” and “audience participation”. This entertaining show is designed for family groups but the “dragon scenes” can be a little intense for toddlers.

 Show length: 45 minutes
Suggested age level: Families with children 5 years of age and up
 Maximum audience size: 250
Available Shows/Amazing Mysto / Circus / George and the Dragon/ Nursery Rhymes/ Pied Piper/ Singing Turtle