Parasol Puppets
The Amazing Mysto's Magic Show


Rover the Dog
The hand-puppet magic extravaganza,
THE AMAZING MYSTO’S MAGIC SHOW, is performed in a “bag stage”,
a puppet stage that the puppeteer actually wears. This adds a new and exciting dimension to the performance.
The stage itself turns, jumps and moves to emphasize the action of the puppets. Fast-paced action and lots of audience participation keep this lively show moving right along.
The Amazing Mysto, with the help of
Jojo the monkey, Rover the dog, and a surprise visit from an alligator,
performs feats of magic no one would
want to repeat. Volunteers selected
from the audience are asked to assist
Mysto, the puppet magician,
 in this hilarious blend of puppetry and magic.
mysto with volunteer

mysto gathers a crowd

Lake Eden Arts Festival, Black Mountain, NC
This popular show is puppeteer
Peter Allen’s oldest and favorite show. Many years of experience have made it possible for Peter to deal with the vagaries of audience interaction with ease and humor. This show has been performed at outdoor fairs, theaters, puppet festivals and numerous schools and libraries in Hawaii, Washington, California and Missouri. Fellow puppeteers in the US and Canada admire and respect this unique theatre piece.
backstage Mysto

photo credits: Paige Sandbank
Suggested age level: Family groups with children of all ages
Show length: 35 minutes
Maximum Audience size: 200
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