Parasol Puppets
 Nursery Rhymes and Tales
Duck who couldn't quack

Puppeteer Peter Allen combines the talents of storytelling and puppetry in this delightful show created especially for young audiences. Performing in a traditional proscenium puppet stage, Peter uses three different styles of puppetry to introduce children to the wonders of puppet theatre. The puppet stage is equipped with lights and a sound system. Musical accompaniment is prerecorded, but the puppet voices are always performed live to ensure active communication with the audience.
Peter operates simple string puppets in full view of the audience as he tells the story of a little duckling’s first experiences in The Little Duckling Who Would Not Quack.  Next, children will enjoy reciting and singing along as brightly colored shadow puppets illustrate their favorite nursery rhymes. The classic tale of The Three Billy Goats Gruff, told with rod puppets and lots of audience participation, brings this gentle show to a close.

Show length: 40 minutes
For young children (ages 2 - 8) and their families  
Maximum Audience Size: 200
Available Shows/Amazing Mysto / Circus / George and the Dragon/ Nursery Rhymes/ Pied Piper/ Singing Turtle