Parasol Puppets
 The Pied Piper
pied piper

Once upon a time there was a little town that had a big problem. RATS!

How can the mayor of the town keep the citizens happy and keep himself rich at the same time? After sending out an international call of distress, the mayor finally employs the ultimate exterminator, The Pied Piper. What happens when the rats are all drowned and the mayor refuses to pay?

Fast paced action, lots of audience participation, cheesy jokes, lots and lots of rats and wonderful scenery keep this lively show scampering along.

The performance of this classic tale (loosely based on the poem by Robert Browning) takes place in an unusual puppet stage that turns to present all of the wonderful places the story takes us. The action takes place in, on, around and above the unique performance space. Live voices, music and sound effects add to the excitement of this unique piece of theatre art. This entertaining show is designed for family groups.

Show length: 45 minutes
    For children at least 5 years old and their families
Maximum Audience Size : 250 people
Available Shows/Amazing Mysto / Circus / George and the Dragon/ Nursery Rhymes/ Pied Piper/ Singing Turtle